Akashi is disgusted when Kshitij tries to get close to her. Bhavesh blames Shamar and after finding out about the piece of cloth, and gets the police to arrest him. His manager is Goyal who Mihir is against. Akashi and Shamar are happy to find out that she is pregnant. After Smriti’s admittance to the mental hospital, there is no mother to look after Prem. They share a moment nevertheless, Akashi walks away. They have unpleasant encounters at first, nevertheless they soon get along and become good friends.

The police are ordered to re-investigate Jigna’s case. Aakashi third sister 1 episode, Ojaswi Oberoi Anupama Das 1 episode, She still mistreats Smriti and doesn’t like her at all. Akashi and Shamar are happy to find out that she is pregnant. Everyone plans for a surprise for Purva and Mihir. She gets an unpleasant shock and is taken to the hospital.

Under these circumstances, Purva gets married to Mihir, in order to take care of Prem. Shyamad Das 1 episode, Sudeep Sahir Shamar notices that Akashi is upset and questions her.

Behnein – 3rd june 10pt3

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Purva is a free-spirited girl who is grounded in the values given to her by her parents.

She apologises to everyone. Prem’s first birthday arrives with Mihir not being there for it, upsetting Purva and Smriti to a great deal. A new servant Rama arrives to the Sanghvi house. Samir admits the truth and is gone for good, but he doesn’t tell anyone that Neema Ben was the one who hired him. Eposode feels sorry for him and gives him some food. Meanwhile, Kshitij takes up the courage to go near Akashi to apologize her but Akashi rejects him.


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Mihir gives Shamar the taxi charge. Anokhi’s engagement ceremony is stopped as Bhavesh’s sister Jigna has not arrived yet. Smriti comes to Purva to deliver stqr wedding card. Akashi reaches there and is overjoyed to see Shamar and hugs him in front of everyone, however Purva cues her not to tell anyone anything.

Purva tells him that everything will be fine very soon. The family play games and everyone enjoy themselves.

Later, Jay apologises to Mihir for his rudeness and Purva pacifies Jay. She constantly ill treats Smriti along with Kamini.

Rama is really upset and blames it all on Purva because Rama thinks she lost Puchki in serizls first place when she really didn’t. Hell breaks loose when Mihir’s aunt Bhupath Bhoopathi in Tamil comes to stay for a while, as she is a bitter and stubborn woman.

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He confides in Purva. Kshitij agrees on one condition, that he shall not take any money but if he wins the case, Akashi will have to spend the night with him.

Purva tries to stop her and requests Shamar to stop her, but he refuses.

Aakashi third sister 1 episode, Ojaswi Oberoi Meanwhile, Mihir consoles an upset Purva, who is worried about the hearing at court soon. He races behind Purva and Mihir to stop her.


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Share this Rating Title: Karan kidnaps her upon realizing this. But, Akashi starts seirals have thoughts whether Shamar was responsible for Jigna’s death, since she notices a piece of a girl’s dress stuck in Shamar’s car. She intervenes and reminds everyone that they need to look after Nisha right now. Purva gets suspicious and takes the earring to their jeweller and the jeweller declares that they are a rare African type.

Everyone plans for a surprise for Purva and Mihir.

A few days later, Akashi episod Mihir have a fight with Mihir giving her two choices; the first being Shamar Das and the second being his mansion. Akashi is delighted to hear that Shamar starts working hard day and night for a secured future serixls his child. Shamar’s mother and sister who work as servants at the Sanghvi house, being the reason that Akashi knew Shamar in the first place, become very close to her, therefore she begins to enjoy living there.