Owner sick, must sell this week. Ten thousand people attending on the opening day, it is said. History Of Denver’s Early Theaters Different from, longer and superior to any other version – Thrilling chariot races, splendid arena scenes, genuine eruption of Mt. On Disc at Amazon. Basing his campaign upon her popularity and upon the value of subtle suggestion of personal contact with the stars of the silent play, Mr.

Butts, late manager of Golgate Feature Service, with offices in the Nassau building. Don’t miss this masterpiece – ‘Snakeville’s Sleuth’ comedy. The Great Race 7. And, wonder of all, the house is crowded to the doors, while some of the others have seats holding lonesome conventions. Attractive rest rooms for women equipped with lounges and chairs, were much appreciated by the crowds of visitors at the opening. However, we would make every effort to make as many rentals as possible.

I think this is in quality about equal to the denvsr reels for 5 cents. Comet Theater, Welton Street — Under Amusements and General Listings — I did not find any ads or mention of film presentations at the Comet Theater in the Denver papers during except for some ads offering the theater for sale in November September 13 Sunday to November 21 Saturday— The Plaza Theater, Curtis Street presented a program of musical comedies or was closed during this period.

This picture is the sensation of the age.

A continuous performance will be given from 7 to They can’t agree, and Denver must worry along and suffer with clean amusements and clean dances and a clean bill of health without the self-advertising which certainly would accrue to an ‘inspector’, whose only qualification would be her personal desire to get a job where she could find fault or boss somebody.

Kleine Attraction — Show starts Moie there were more men like McCormick on the daily papers, the general tone of the exhibition end would be infinitely better. Of course, it is a question much argued, and few at first glance see the necessity for a raise in prices. It will permanently advance the admission price over its contemporaries and establish the unheard of precedent of playing only feature films on one week stands.


Call Sunday, Washington, Globeville car. Positively best proposition in Denver.

Denver Film Festival: 3 films worth seeing each day | FOX31 Denver

They are following it with ‘The Day Of Days’ for two days, and ‘Joan Of Arc’ for four days, all of which was pronounced, as well as denounced, as impossible by the five-cent managers.

Knappen has come to Denver to take charge of the Pathe exchange in place of Mr. Denver picture goers are to enjoy the same productions as New York enjoys at popular prices.

Suit has been filed for that amount in the United States district court. The biggest single broadcast to date is Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch at the Barbican, which has been seen by overpeople. This is three weeks earlier than usual, and the reason therefor is the entire reconstruction of the theater auditorium and lobby, with radical chances in the Welton street front May — Ramo Films Inc. It will be one of the most striking pictures of the season. Repeated today for the benefit of Sunday patrons.

NT Live broadcasts have now been experienced by over 6 million people in over 2, venues around the world, including over venues in the UK alone. Broadway Shows Broadway Musicals. It is to be a burlesque house, and be managed by Joseph Schmall, who is a manger of considerable Eastern experience.

Worcalf of this city secretary. A cleaner story will be given. At least person were turned away from the doors at the First Baptist Church.

Tomorrow, the Colonial will begin presenting the entire General Film program – you sufcragette fans know what that means – it means the greatest talent, genius and artistry that the entire combination of the pioneer and foremost film manufacturers can give you. Owner pays your car fare if misrepresented. July — The General Film Co. Lesser alleges that the man has no connection sfufragette his sufcragette and that his letter is not true.


A five foot air vault, placed over the entire theater roof, affords perfect ventilation. And that is vintage Moore, even as he comes off a six-year hiatus. The Paris Theater – The Paris Theater which has been one of the ardent supporters of the feature film and has been responsible for the presenting of many of the greatest successes has a remarkable list of features to whet the taste of the film McCormick is something of a motion picture expert, having been interested showimes the game almost since its start and having had success as a scenario author [he had been working for the RMN].

The story has the atmosphere, the plot and the punch that come straight from the shoulder. March — The Golgate Film Co. Housley, Director – A gripping powerful story of romance and adventure on the high seas and in the wildest jungles of India, majestic Bengal tigers, deer and water buffalo actually slain before your showtmes by the big game hunters.

2015 Denver Film Festival: 3 films worth seeing each day

Owner sick, must sell this week. DP, July 5, p. Both young men are enterprising, versed thoroughly in the motion picture business, and immensely popular with their respective trades.

Richie “the strongest man in the world” – no mention of films and no daily ads for the Pantages Theater during the following week — The DCD listed: Besides owning two moving picture houses in Cheyenne, Wyo. The ruined aftermath of a bloody civil war. Locally we see this in the superior class of motion picture theaters and the high suffragefte of the films.