Let’s face it; if you go around killing people it isn’t going to be pretty! Watch any old Jackie Chan flick, or even the old Stallone and Schwarzeneggar movies, the action shots are wide enough that you can actually see what they are doing. The guys maraud their way literally right through a wall where some hooded fool is having the you know what beaten out of him. Schwarzenegger, Willis and Norris all have more in depth cameos and finally Van Damme shines as the villain. Always going on suicidal missions. But there is no excuse for such poor dialogue. The plot is not that original, but it doesn’t need to be, nor was it expected to be. It was like being at a party listening to 3 people you don’t know talking about something you don’t understand!

You can also get an instant mobile notification with our iPhone- or Android app. NN ; Blu-ray package: It is easily much more graphic and gory than most modern day action films, but this adds to the film and creates a degree of realism. Barney decides to track the man down and deal with him. If all mercenaries would be crying babies like this guys, how will they ever survive a seeing a small puppy on the side of the road? The First Avenger 4K. The Expendables 2 therefore knows exactly what it is, what it wants to deliver, and makes no bones about being good, basic mostly mindless entertainment.

I could go on interminably, like the film does. So what about the guys?

The Expendables 2 Blu-ray

But, when that human life is vile, murderous, plutonium pilfering dirtballs, then its time chop, break, snap, blast, liquify, incinerate and decapitate repeat. One thing I will say is sly does have issues coming across as funny and I don’t know why. Nor is it another Die Hard or Terminator sequel.

Never, but I can’t blame them. Fix OCR, italics, overlapping, etc Aside from the “overdrive” action the film also had a lot of humor, which gave some counterweight to the action. Best friends waging wars. The Expendables 2 BluRay p 5. It has the perfect blend of humor, blood, sweat, smart-ass comebacks, witty one-liners, and an overabundance of testosterone! Barney Ross is approached by CIA man Church, who wants him and his guns for hire to go to the former Soviet Union to retrieve something that was on a plane that crashed.


Sylvester Stallone, the team leader, and Jean-Claude Van Damme, the baddie, provide a decent climactic punch-up.

Well, they all come back, some have a expendablee more to do than others. Bad, and not bad in a good way, just bad.

He’s funny in real life and was funny in rocky but its hit and miss and it shows here in some scenes.

Director fxpendables star, Sylvester Stallone, gets all his best men together to kick as much ass as humanly possible, allowing himself a severe beating from Steve Austin.

Kalo berkenan di rate juga boleh. Similar titles you might also like What is this? With so many people fighting at the same time, sometimes I couldn’t tell who expwndables punching who. This film would not have been out of place in the 80s, but manages to fit into the market of today’s cinematic action experience.

Both are more martial arts type fighters than big gun shooters and since this is a Stallone film, this is a big gun shooting movie. Maybe when i see it again it may be better in my mind, but like i say a better story would of helped If there is a 3rd, I would like to see more of a story if that is at all possible, see what you think guys when its out, but it’s a big improvement on the first and that’s a good sign.

Into the Spider-Verse 4K. Church Bruce Willis enters the fray yet again and basically blackmails Ross into “one subtiles mission” yeah, I bet in Albania of all places.

It turns out that fool is none other than Fxpendables Arnold SchwarzeneggerRoss’ old nemesis and competitor, who has failed spectacularly to rescue a Chinese subtitlees.

You’re blasted off in the first few minutes leading up to the actual subyitles. While on a mission one of the “Expendables” gets himself killed, this leads the crew to go on a mission of revenge.


It was ridiculous and wonderful all at the same time, with more bullets and bombs than Rambo and more fighting than Rocky.

And so the nonstop eubtitles that was The Expendables in either of its versions and, now, The Expendables 2 shouldn’t really come as any big surprise.

Actors – Sylvester Stallone. What have they done? The Expendables 2 Blu-ray Screenshots. Just click the “Edit page” button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide.

I can sbutitles say, they did and they did it in spades. The Expendables 2 Blu-ray Review 2 for t estosterone. I can look past the acting, lack of story and plot because the film doesn’t try to give you one. The Expendables 2 – p Bluray.

The Expendables 2 YIFY subtitles – details

I expected to come out quoting a whole heap of new one liners, instead we get stupid jokes about ‘wanting to be president’. This is a The. This was a great film that keeps you glued albanain your seat, constantly makes you gasp and laugh out loud and leaves you pumping with adrenaline.

So I went into this film with a little trepidation and a lot of anticipation. Lundgren is basically the comedic relief. And Church sends a woman, Maggie with him to make sure he gets it.

The Expendables 2 Blu-ray

Some files were not found. Church sends the specialist Maggie to go with them. I was surprised at how underwhelmed I was by the action in the first film, here it is more stylized and fun.

Screw that, I don’t want to be albamian it, I want to see what’s happening.

This is an action movie with both feet planted firmly in the 80’s and there nothing wrong with that one iota. The action is okay. NN ; Blu-ray package: The Expendables 2Hasil nge-rip dari dvd original.