How do I get external not embedded srt subtitles to work with TwonkyMedia 6. When I click in the album in the twonky page at Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. I managed to do changes after going in to config page after clicking the spanner icon. WD gui not seen twonky informations by Dav-M , 30 Dec Articles on this Page showing articles to of

Or is it possible to go back to version 5? Anyway, when I took out the duplicate and had only one instance of twonkyserver running, it was all good. This guide is “newbie” oriented, no modification with editor, just command line. You can’t see mkv from your TV? When I try to goto mybooklive: Please tell us how this article can be improved: Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. So in the future I should only use minus 2?

Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. You are a star Dav-M!

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I am also stuck with twonkymeia exact same problem. After you reboot and start having problem, can you just stop Twonky and start it again?

I don’t have much more time to look into that. Hi all, Since version 7 of the Twonky MBL no longer be on stand-by does anyone know how to solve the problem? When streaming qnao my samsung TV after a few seconds it disconnects.

Hi Guys, The same problem here…. I have the same problem … I installed version 7.

Can the external subtitles be displayed by UPnP Server? – QNAP

So in the future I should only use minus twwonkymedia Key purchased yesterday JAN worked fine with 6. Dav-M 20 Apr Hi, I suggest you to use ‘nano’ which is a simple editor.


Could it be mionet or the mediacrawler? Or is it simple to fix in this version?

Samsung 55KU6400 no subtitle menu

Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by phibertron05 Dec Now i have Twonky 7 twonkgmedia whitout problems until now.

Or since I will release the packaging part on github PacketVideo could create it themself. Fussel 15 May I did find it ssubtitles to add one more step at the end of your instructions perhaps due to the new Duo firmware version?

Had no Twonky after the first reboot, completely forgot I disabled twonky in the web-ui: Dav-M 04 May Dav-M 20 Jan But in generan nothing changed. Last edited on 05 Dec I found the directories you mentioned and created the folders per instructions and copied the new twonky files in new folder….

Problem is, the documentation doesn’t mention the apropriate id or anything near to it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Dav-M 04 Jun All photos, Photo albums, By folder. It seems to work better than the first time I tried the update tuto. FabianG89 08 Aug I’m running the latest firmware, I think: Update – after some reading I found a suggestion that said to use the full path when starting: Dav-M 30 Dec I’m on a mac and was able to login into via ssh using cyberduck. Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by pzan25 Sep I did upgrade from untouched firmware first, after the initial steps and restarting Twonky I got to the proper interface.

I will downgrade to Twonky 6. For somebody who has problem with WD gui not seen twonky informations: Yes, you have two instances running. Thanks a lot, David! Tried to reboot, but have two instances now, again. I take note for the beer, maybe Australia in few years, but this year will be Ireland for me, I’m living in France and make one year a trip in Europe, one year a trip outside Europe last year was west coast of USAso maybe next year for Australia, lol ;- My big boss have made a 2 months trip last holiday in Australia, I’ve view the pictures and ok I’m ready to go: However the Twonky server is showing the key as invalid.


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I upgraded from version 5 to 7 successfully, and I can see my videos on the twonky: Dav-M 21 Apr I have the Problem, that some of my Videos dont play. Dav-M 05 Nov Complete guide to upgrade to Twonky 7 version by trcpizza28 Oct Contact us about this article. Hi all, Currently I have two servers running in different machines.

Cheers and Thanks Chops! QNAP DLNA media server allows you to stream the multimedia content stored on the NAS to various media devices throughout your house, while offering useful features to enhance your viewing experience, such as multi-language support and advanced privilege settings.