And obviously they should hook up, duh. I did not think of that: I started watching and instantly loved the show. Tell me as much as you can so that we can send OCN an email. February 2, at 7: Get the poor guy somebody to love! There must be a VP3!!!!

Soon Bum needs to get married. Watch her be the Bad Blood. So guess what I just finished watching? I wonder who the real Bad Blood? Every story needs a fabulous designer in feathers. Of course already , right?

Don’t leave us hanging T. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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He does the heavy lifting, the hiding and concealing, gets blood. Why didnt the doctor die prosecuotr he was bitten but didnt turn into a vampire. June 11, at 4: I felt like it viegsub not very confirmed well enough, but if she really did die then… man…. January 1, at 7: February 5, at 9: La is making up story?

Watched them both inside of 2 weeks. Comment below for your guesses later!

Here it is, IMHO: Would be something if that old guy is the same guy. Yes, I also did think about how it would be repetition again if it was the cheif prosecutor again…I guess the writers are trying to make us link it to how Jang may have resurrected when his fingers twitched. Every story needs a fabulous designer in feathers. I prosecutlr I may be misunderstanding.

February 2, at 7: Plus the other commenters were right…it would be too much repetition if the bad guy is the cheif again…hopefully new charachters next season? It was short already last season, and I really do hope they contemplate adding another season: June 22, at September 27, at 6: September 29, at 3: This is actually my guess for the mysterious person at the end that has MTY.


December 21, at So can Tae Yeon still turn someone…? May 30, at 5: MAYBE he will reveal some clues nxt season!

March 14, at Not sure about any of that. Where did you hear that Lee Young Ah will not play Season 3???

August 30, at 8: They showed Bad Blood bite Jang Hoon, the first prosecutor, but thats years after that dude has been a vampire already, so i doubt that was his first victim but apparently he turned the prosecutor Jang Hoon into one, so we can only assume that he was the first victim, vwmpire makes no sense at all, cause before he escaped he bit a whole lot of people but none of them turned.

June 11, at 6: So guess what I just finished watching? No, this Kim Joo Young is not that singer. I feel like people missed that part… They totally pointed that out. I wish all these questions could be answered…. Lastly i wanna know does Jung In turn into a vampire because when that same vampire bite Park Hoon he turned into a vampire and he is lik a virus spreading around and infecting cells so i wonder or does it work for him when he bites vietsuv first victum that he turns into a vampire.


I know there are so many speculation about who is the Bad Blood. July 17, at Park Hoon bit by L Dr.

Vampire Prosecutor Season 3? *Spoilers* UPDATED | shamipula&life

Season Finale of VP2! This site uses cookies. Is it possible for him to have prosecutorr the person who put the new lady Chief prosecutor in charge? I just finished VP2.

Joo Won would also be a great villain. January 1, at 6: Possibility Percentage this is purely my personal thought, not real stats for Season 4: Notify me of new comments via email.

He seems to have injected himself with something, or something must have went wrong when MTY bit him. December 30, at 2: There are a lot of blanks that can be speculated over and a lot of characters with loose ends that were never addressed. He grew up and stepped up his A-game alot. That would be interesting! February 21, at 4: