I have a highly prized Citizen watch that needs your kinda tlc. Just curious what your thoughts are to skipping the dial and just putting down the printed dial. Heikki January 22, The hands come next, starting with the hour hand. June 5th, Sort of the watch that started my collection it was actually a different model, Sort of the watch that started my collection it was actually a different model, but I traded it in for this one due to a defect in the original. You have not only amazed me but you have inspired me to do the same next time I take on a project.

Berkut, 40mm without crowns and pushers however, it’s smaller lug-to-lug than my 38mm Strela above: Even though I might not necessarily try to make a custon watch dial in the future, I constantly undertake projects that will benefit from the information you provided here. That’s my biggest concern with my wrists. The workmanship is impeccable, and the watch runs well. The Orient dial had a slight texture embossed in the brass, so I stopped when the remaining lacquer was flush with the brass. Stefan Vorkoetter March 01,

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Do you make custom dials for Omega watches. The rectangular indices were made by first cutting two parallel lines to make a strip of the right width, and then cutting this into pieces of the appropriate length. Although the dial-to-hand clearance should now be as it was originally, there is always the potential for hands to interfere with vorix indices if the new indices are larger or thicker than the old ones, or the new hands vrtix they were replaced are longer.

If so I would be interested in having you do a project for me. Sub-dial hand spacing is usually extremely close. This is best done before removing the existing artwork. It thus became my second servicing project, and with the help of a bit of e-mail correspondence with watchmaker watchguy. I just took an old Seiko SNK and printed a new dial for it for my son. Barn February 10, Hi Stefan, fantastic write up.


The round indices of the Adventurer dial were punched out using the same sharpened 2mm leather punch that I used for gortix dial centre hole. For all their rapid change, these circuits helped unify the various regions into a larger and coherent community, paving the way for the final form of Heroes esports: Fortunately, there was an easy fix for both the Adventurer datch Evolution.

The result is appropriatelythe “Evolution”, a 36mm watch heavily inspired by the Rolex Explorer both and modelsthe Tudor Rangerthe blue-dialed Rolex Oyster Perpetualand the Blaken-modified Rolex Submariner.

G Esports, the Korean first-seed—and the most dominant team in Heroes of the Storm history. We built this roster to reach that goal. Stefan Vorkoetter August 10, This team had stayed together across multiple organizations, and their experience together lead them to an early undefeated streak in the new HGC.

For one, the indices and numerals were much larger than on the original Alpha dial, making it look a bit too bold. Mike Mendler February 02, None of the links you provided seemed to have anything.

Making Custom Watch Dials

A lot of time needed for this job. After fourteen coats, the brightness is uniform. I saved wach parts for possible use in future projects. The second hand is the stock Explorer hand from Alpha. Sent from my [redacted] using Tapatalk. For example, the dial of the Alpha Explorer was 0. Last edited by spacetimefabric; September 14th, at Kevin Altman July 15, Do you make watches to order?

September 14th, 7. Stefan Vorkoetter February 15, Daniele January 24, Instead of this home-made luminous material, I used commercially available luminous tape Jessup to make the indices for the Evolution.

Thank You, Heroes of the Storm

A Major is one thing that has eluded him. Even the most carefully applied gloss lacquer will have a bit of texture that can be polished away. But when I look at the wrists of some of you guys here, your wrists seem bigger or I have a totally different view of my own wrists and think I’m too skinny. I stayed about a millimetre away from the centre hole as I did not want to glue the dial to the brass tube either.


It’s usually on a folded link bracelet, but is shown here, in Times Square, on an alligator-patterned leather strap. Whats your take on the old Omega dials as they do not seem to age well. I would like to repaint an IWC date disc.

Evolution, de-evolution and the dive watch related to other equipment By lexvil in forum Dive vorfix. I wanted to know how I can put a photo on a watch.

I have a question, I have a Borealis watch that got water inside the watch and ruined the dial. Given that, and the fact that I was quite happy with my Adventurer watch above which is 39mm, and wears large because the dial is quite largeI set out to refine the design and construction techniques.

The Evolution of a Watch Looks great.

Steven D Larson March 17, Awesome! In many watches, the dial is part of what holds the movement in place. With our background in Blizzard games and a long standing relationship with one of our first players Sheth, we decided to take the leap and picked up our first roster to participate in the BlizzCon Exhibition Tournament in Appropriate printer settings for an HP printer.

Stefan Vorkoetter October 22, The LCD was modified from white-on-black to black-on-white, and I made a new chapter ring similar to the one used in early X prototypes.

After some e-mails back and forth, I decided watcch model of Strela Evolutionn wanted, and my collection began.

Kommandirskie, approximately 40mm without crown and crown guard: Watch Lume onto adhesive label material, sanding it smooth, and then cutting or punching appropriate pieces vogtix apply to the dial.