It’s a simple but powerful film, and the Director let’s the actions speak for themselves without over reaching and moralizing. She tries to make the money to buy it by entering a contest to recite the Koran Quran. Courage , Integrity , Perseverance Run time: Kudos for the female filmmaker who I finally saw this film on video, and it knocked me out. NateNixon Jul 1, At first, Wadjda’s mother is too preoccupied with convincing her husband not to take a second wife to realize what’s going on. Oct 11, Rating:

She is determined to continue fighting for her dreams. Definitely my favorite movie at the mini-version of the Rotterdam Film Festival in my country. Ironically, Wadjda finds a way to get the money she needs in the most pious route possible: Often, she could only communicate via walkie-talkie and had to watch the actors on a monitor. An Arabic-German coproduction, it is a rare movie shot entirely in Saudi Arabia, which has no cinema industry to speak of, and the first feature by a female filmmaker from that country. Retrieved 6 April Gravity, All Is Lost , and More.

If so, this quiet film could become something of a cultural thunderclap.

Your stupid behavior will haunt you forever. Wadjda’s mother smoke cigarettes more and more as the movie progresses. Integrity, courage, and perseverance are all major themes.

Aug 28, Full Review…. Fenton left the company in Februaryafter helping to position it as a [ Wadjda’s mother Reem Abdullah has her own worries — not least the friends and relatives pressuring her husband to take a second wife. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival in August Certainly, the Saudi film industry is in natal form, and these early productions will likely shape the future movies that come out of the country. For Your Family Log in Sign me up.


Movie Review – ‘Wadjda’ – From A Saudi Director, A Familiar Story Made Fresh Again : NPR

Fribourg International Film Festival. British Academy Film Awards. The staff is shocked by Wadjda announcing her intention to buy a bicycle with mkvie prize money. We want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your email.

The merchant, and nearly everyone else to whom Wadjda confides her dream, tells her that girls don’t ride bicycles. It’s a very simple plot but extremely beautiful, the main character, Wadjda, stole your heart from the beginning. Vancouver International Film Festival. An adult smokes cigarettes more and more as the movie progresses.

Vancouver International Film Festival [30]. Just leave us a message here and we will work on getting you verified.

Germany portal Saudi Arabia portal Film portal s portal. Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Wadjda offers an interesting contrast to films made in Iran. The girl’s immediate focus, however, is something simpler.

Meanwhile, Wadjda’s grandmother from father’s side is looking for a second wife for her son, because Wadjda’s mother can no longer have children. She’s also inclined to take Mom’s side in an ongoing family waadjda Right away we sympathize with Wadjda, is certainly a sensational character, her tomboyish way is charming, taking into account their culture and religion in which many things are restricted to women, we see a little girl in search of what craves it’s nothing unless the simple joy of cycling.

An enterprising Saudi girl signs on for her school’s Koran recitation competition as a way to raise the remaining funds she needs in order sumnary buy the green bicycle that has captured her interest. Definitely, one of the most interesting movies of the last year. The mother is struggling with the fact that her husband is about to marry a second wife, but tells her daughter it is her Uncle’s wedding.


I felt it was uplifting, that girls of Wadjda’s mother is angry and scared by this, and goes out of her way to buy a beautiful red dress for her brother-in-law’s wedding to gain support and to “scare off” any potential women who may consider marrying her husband.

Wadjda is the sort of lovable young hustler we’ve seen in scores of films — a year-old who wants something and will lie, threaten and cajole to get it. Chapter 2 is a So-So Frightfest.

A construction worker whistles at Wadjda and asks her to let him “touch those little apples. War of movke Buttons. A religion teacher explains that when girls have their period, they’re not allowed to touch or hold the Quran.

It was released in Germany by Koch Media in Watched the movie, read the book. Continue reading Show less.

‘Wadjda’ To Shape The Future of Saudi Film

The two antagonists are well-matched — Hussa tells Wadjda that she was once much like her — and so are the actresses who play them. Premier Logo Created with Sketch.

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