I thought that was the best line of the episode. First episode of the season where I thought SideEye Marie is awakened in the night by the supernatural presence of her dark master, Papa Legba. I immediately thought Nan was going to be the supreme. Yeah, I’m done with Axe Man. Yea I saw that shit. Hank lived with a Coven of witches, a supreme witch and a clairvoyant. Dude, it’s Murda Muff.

I am devastated over our sweet Nan being taken away by Papa Legba. I kept staring at it. With a hint of compassion Marie feels sorry for the baby that she has to give to Papa Legba. How is it to be able to work with such a group of people, at this level of talent? He tells her to find the young witch that is taking her down. I’m very excited to see where this goes. Ryan Murphy said so. I really wanted Nan to be the supreme and the way they killed her was too sloppy.

Is she more popcotn now because of that fact? Ryan Murphy said so. Yeah, but she sacrificed a Queen to clear a pawn of the board.

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What I did find that floored me is that Gabourey Sidibe is 30! I’m really hope Quennie is the new Supreme.

Evil Nazi scientists in hiding isn’t camp. She did touch that stillborn baby and brought episodd back to life? Other alumni like Roanoke’s Adina Porter and the fantastic Frances Conroy proves that they are treasures to this show.


We don’t mind her coming back next season in a completely different character. I feel like there’s almost no way Queenie wins this. Come for the tea.

You may be on to something When she accepted his offer of immortality she thought the annual dues were the Devils innuendo for sexual services, not innocent babies. If I Can Dream —. On the witch-themed, New Orleans-set installment of the FX horror franchise, Dreymon will play the handsome young man who moves in next door to the Academy. And about four or five that ruled. The original movie is a character.

Maybe Stevie will be revealed as the new Supreme. Did I miss something? I think I would just be ad nauseam. Cult’s writing staff did wonders with the dialogue and progression of the twisted tale.

Paulson and Lange are Xavier and Magneto. This latest trailer is fantastic.

American Horror Story Coven Recap: Did Stevie Nicks Delight You?

I’m with you Frank. I hope people understand how special this franchise is. Madison is feeling self-entitled just like a younger Fiona was. This season’s opening credits. Murder House — Episodes 6, 7 and 8: Ryan Murphy on ‘Protect the Coven’, and season 4: What makes this scarier than a nun being possessed by the devil? Thanks for your patience, and Sorry for the delay. He tells her to find the young witch that is taking her down. I want my Supreme conniving, bitchy, and soulless. LOL “the stroy card”.


After Jessica and Sarah, she’s the one I called in first. The lyrics amsrican slightly different than the original, but it was an odd choice considering what a soulless popcor Fiona is. Get it right, it’s Murda Muff – we dubbed it above. So yes you are helping but I am not number one for random Joe from Albuquerque.

I kind of expected it this time. I calls that shit what I wants to call datch. Naw, it was way too busy. The Book of the Law Of Nak. Evan Peters is the MVP this season, giving us a psycho that will have his iconic season one character running for dear life. He has a thick Caribbean-Haitian accent, and I had to enable my close caption to be able to understand him. I don’t think Fiona is ready for this one Marie is returning the kindness by giving some bedside manner to an ailing Fiona by cleansing the evil spirits to slow down her cancer with some rattle viper sperm incense.

I took zmerican as mocking her.