The images should not contain any sexually explicit content, race hatred material or other offensive symbols or images. Chagum returns to the palace and is now the crowned prince and the child of heaven. While Chagum is reunited with his mother, Balsa contemplates the future. Balsa and Chagum, now with his hair cut off, set off and head toward the mountains. It unfolds just right from one episode to the other like a perfectly written book. If a water demon was to appear once more, its death could bring salvation. Master10K All reviews 50 people found this review helpful. Beatnik All reviews people found this review helpful.

Jin 13 episodes, Atsushi Ono Shuga is increasingly worried about Prince Chagum’s well-being and he decides to confront the Holy Sage and he soon learns of some untold truths. The swordsmith agrees to forge her a new blade once he is convinced that she did not kill the prince. I’m glad I found it and I’m glad I can tell others about it. The Swordsmith Full Episode S 1: Spice and Wolf — Tanda 22 episodes, Hirofumi Nojima It is written in ancient myths that the first emperor, along with eight warriors, slew a water demon to avoid a great drought and save the land that was to become Shin Yogo.

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Find showtimes, watch trailers, guadrian photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Chagum is with his friends when a Rota boy starts some trouble with them. Guardian of the Spirit now on.

Guardian of the Sacred Spirit

Moribito – Guardian of the Spirit. NHKAtelier Musa. Kamiyama, Kenji Director, Script, Storyboard.

Escape Full Episode S 1: However, the progression of technology in space has also After rescuing the drowning boy, the Second Empress invites Balsa over; to thank her for saving her son and she also has a request for Balsa. I saw the last episode of Seirei no Moribito last night. Meanwhile, a mysterious spear-wielding mercenary named Balsa arrives in Shin Yogo on business. Will Balsa and the hunters be able to hold of the horde and find a way to extract the egg? After saving Prince Chagum from a thinly onlinee assassination attempt, ordered by his own father, Balsa is tasked to protect him from his father.


It’s flawless pure and simple! Tanda performs a soul summoning on his own to guide her back, with Balsa keeping watch. However, this is a suspicious time, and he is accused of possession by an evil spirit. Balsa tells Chagum the story of how she met Jiguro Musa twenty-four years ago.

After saving Chagum from a thinly veiled assassination attempt, she morobito tasked by Chagum’s mother to protect him from the emperor and his hunters.

Balsa tells Toya to teach Chagum how to act more like a city dweller. Jin 13 episodes, Onlinne Ono A Japanese boy named Shu tries spiit save a strange girl, Lala Ru, from kidnappers and is transported to an alternate Earth on the brink of being swallowed by the sun.

Tachibana, Masaki Episode Director, Storyboard. In the city, Balsa proves to Chagum and Tanda that the whole town has been telling stories about her, some of which sacres false. Sentai Filmworks North America: Balsa and Chagum visit a great swordsmith to get a new blade for Balsa’s spear. After much thought, Chagum makes up his mind and runs away with the help of Nimka. Balsa and Tanda, splrit with the hunters, are unable to catch up to Chagum, since the egg of the water spirit is controlling the way he moves.

Guardian of the Sacred Spirit — 8. The story is very interesting and beautifully told. His salvation is in the form of Balsa, a spear woman and mercenary from Kanbal, the kingdom across the mountains.

Balsa plans to leave the capital with Chagum but first she needs to gather some supplies and she employs the help of her old friends Touya and Saya.


Moribito: Guardians of the Spirit

Audible Download Audio Books. Balsa discovers that she and Chagum are being followed by the secret hunters, having no choice but to fight against these pursuers while Chagum runs away.

High school student Youko Nakajima is approached by a strange man who claims he’s been searching for her and that she is the rightful ruler of his kingdom. Let’s get serious, and dive into the wonderful world of anime based on full-length books. Learn more More Like This. Balsa 25 episodes, Naoto Adachi Court advisors only see one solution.

In the end you just wish the show would never stop and you develop a sort of respect for the characters that doesn’t really happen with characters from other anime shows.

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Guardian Of The Spirit Trailer. Unable to pinpoint the location of the bodyguard and the prince, all of the Emperor’s hunters split into separate Chagum, Balsa, Tanda, and Torogai travel to Tomi Village in the hope of learning the ancient story of the water spirit. Guardian of the Spirit TV Series Please note that ‘Not yet aired’ titles are excluded.

Sure, if 10 is the highest score I can give it, but it’s as simple as this: Shuga then learns that Sagum has finally died from overwork and grief.

Balsa and Chagum, now with his hair cut off, set on,ine and head toward the mountains. More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: Chagum returns to the palace and is now the crowned prince and the child of heaven. Prince Chagum has been imbued with the power to stave off the drought and bring new life to his empire.

This show is perfect!