Archived from the original on List of Ojamajo Doremi characters. In the summer, another short 30 minute film was released in theaters, titled Kaeru Seki no Himitsu. A new classmate comes into Doremi’s school. Aiko Namida no Saikai ” Japanese: Anime and Manga portal. Momoko, inspired by two baseball lovers, makes a team of her own friends and they compete with their first team

The 6th grade goes on a camping trip. After a local audition, the girls find out that she is a witch apprentice under Majoruka. Meanwhile, due to a traumatizing memory, Aiko develops a fear of Doremi’s grandfather. Just like their witch apprentice exams from before, Hana must undergo monthly health examinations, with the first one coming up very shortly. Initially unbeknownst to everyone, the flower Pop brought home from the Witch World is really the Witch Queen Heart, the Queen’s favorite flower, which grants any wish it hears regardless of any possible dangers until it begins to bear seeds. However, this is a bad wish, and the flower changes color, gets up, and leaves. The first series of Ojamajo Doremi was originally aired on TV Asahi from February 7, , to January 30, , and lasted 51 episodes.

Doremi and the girls find out that the boys in the 6th grade are hiding out in a secret clubhouse, home of Miyamae’s homemade airplanes. The fact that students are pointing out Naomi’s breasts are embarrassing her, causing her to be self-conscious about her body.

Hana won’t eat a certain vegetable sweet recipe. Hana passes the 9th witch exam while Pop is a little jealous at how dokan she is progressing.

The kid who plays Onpu’s brother, Chikara, gets jealous of Onpu spending more time with Doremi and the others. She surprises Doremi and the girls at school in her new form.


They lose their powers, end up getting lost in the forest they’re in, and talk to Aiko about what happened between her and her grandfather.

Merry Watcg ” Japanese: The vines soon start spawning black flowers that cause people and magical beings alike to be affected with laziness, with the girls enlisting the help of Hana and a white elephant named Pao to put a stop to them. Majo Ririka comes for a visit, and everyone goes to Hokkaido to find magic marigolds to cure Hana’s rash. However, this leads to a few consequences.

Saigo no Shiken ” Japanese: The girls meet Robby, Roy’s Grandson. Ojamajo Doremi season 1. This conflicts with her schedule, and since most of the apprentices are Japanese, she fails the girls immediately. Oyajide sneaks into the next health examination to once again capture the infant. Majo Minarai wwtch Naru ” Japanese: While Pop goes to search for her sister, the other girls track down the runaway flower before it starts to reproduce. When Baaya was younger, she fell in love at first sight with two things.

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She follows the baby into the Queen’s garden, which has many heart-petaled flowers. Hana is devastated that her recently favorite show, “Battle Rangers”; is coming to an end, and therefore is determined to stop this by all means. In order to become a fully fledged witch capable of turning Majo Rika back into a human, Doremi has to pass nine different witch tests, whilst also keeping her identity a secret from other humans.


Tanabata is fast approaching, but Altair and Vega refuse to meet with one another. Ojamjao rainbow that comes after gives the girls an idea for removing a bramble from the Past Queen. Fami is later revealed to be Doremi’s future granddaughter. On September doremk,Kodansha Limited announced the coming of the light novel Ojamajo Doremi 16featuring the original work of Izumi Todostory written by Midori Kuriyama, and illustrations by Yoshihiko Umakoshi.

The warch of the second health examination has arrived, and the girls must try their best to dokman tasks without accumulating three yellow cards, which will fail them immediately.

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The other four girls and Hana reach out to her and save her. List of Ojamajo Doremi episodes. There, they find an extra magic bead, which they use to gain entrance to their exam. Hana tries to solve the problem on her own.

Retrieved from ” https: Momoko, inspired by two baseball lovers, makes a team of her own friends and they compete with their first team Doremi, Hazuki, Aiko, and their classmates head to Nobuaki Yamauchi’s temple to share ghost stories and test their courage.

Battle of Adventurers and Kinnikuman: He becomes so upset, he puts all his monster watcg away.