I want to buy a quality chronograph, but my means as well as the desire to splurge are limited. Watchuseek recommends Chrono24 , the largest watch marketplace on the Internet. Depending on your budget, you may wish to also consider the A. Last edited by Hartmut Richter; August 2nd, at My physician tells me I should be prescribed an anxiolytic, but the Snob enjoys a more traditional approach, which is the judicious application of Scotch whisky. There is no broad spectrum solution here. You won’t find a better every day wristwatch for the money. All of them have something great about them —-quality, historical significance, finishing.

A Royal Oak , or Offshore? I like that Junghans is a more independent brand and I like the fact that German watches tend to provide better value for money than the Swiss. It would also help if the watch has something inherently interesting about it but I’m not expecting much at this price point. May I have another? Jaeger, for example, makes a number of high complications, including tourbillons, astronomical complications, perpetual calendars, chiming complications, and so on. A newbie should only be concerned about not being sold a watch out of a shoebox in Chinatown. Watch Snob’s take on Zenith “Zenith may just be the best value in timepieces available today.

The good news in your case is that the El Primero is still being made, so parts are available, although not everyone is so lucky — some brands simply refuse to service anything older than a certain vintage and compound the problem by not providing independent watchmakers with parts.

What do you make of the recent controversy involving the limited edition Panerai PAM that was found to have an undecorated movement inside? For now, let the Watch Snob reign. Rolex, by dramatic contrast, has never bothered with such things; their most complicated watch is the annual calendar and dual time zone Sky Dweller.


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The two brands have certain things zenihh common; the chiefest amongst these are that both are known for the quality of their movements, and both offer a great deal of value for the money. May I have another? Value is a personal assessment. As an example, I’ve been looking at the Daytona. August 2nd, 2.

Really, I mean that. I have been reading up on chronograph movements.

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But, with the example you mention, like with everything Rolex, there is a lot to learn. Your perspective on watches is clear, if nuanced. Is there any shame in buying pre-owned?

From Jaeger, I would recommend the Reverso very highly; there are lots to choose from and there are few rectangular zehith more inherently interesting. The absence of the chronograph doesn’t really irritate me as much I value the high beat rate more and it is still part of the fabled El Primero family, with an in-house movement. I would conjecture that it is a recovery effort by the brand to win back a customer base after some years of misguided design and company vision at the hands of its thankfully departed former dark lord, Thierry Nataf.

To you, it refers watfh inherent product attributes — finish, mechanical workings, heritage. Watch Snob’s take on Zenith. I was considering Rolex for a while, but Aenith feel it wouldn’t be suitable for a year-old. The only problem with the Sky Dweller is that the least expensive model in steel, with a white gold bezel is very difficult to find; Rolex dealers can put you on a waiting list but it may be a very long wait.


It is nearly the perfect diameter and has enough classic styling and movement chops to make it a solid long-term piece while staying youthful and sporty enough to suit zfnith your age.

Many of my clients are elite gentlemen after all, they can watcch afford the high-end houses designed by me.

The overcoil is a nice addition. That being said, the key thing I’ve learnt from you is that, ultimately, the watch must make you feel something to give it true sentimental value.

That’s an interesting post.

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Zenith El Primero Espada. Depending on your budget, you may wish to also consider the A. Kindly give me a good suggestion for my first significant watch. Connoisseurs know the El Primero movement to be a better engine than what Rolex came up with, so these Pri,ero actually fetch a premium. This watch belongs in the bottom of a water hazard, the result of a good slice with a five iron. Did it hurt its reputation? Kudos on your intellectual honesty.

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August 2nd, 3. But it is a Longines — a rather low-end mass-market brand, in my view. Which watches would you suggest would make for a well-rounded collection? What do you think of it? All of them have something great about them —-quality, historical significance, finishing.