Sep 21, 3: Rushing over to the dozen men who spilled out of the vehicles Denny demanded an explanation. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. While it was long and detailed, it never failed to keep my attention and kept propelling the story forward. This time the great failure is that the friendly fire happens between fighters who are on the same side of the street! For five years he has been hiding, now he decides to come to Washington D. Eventually he does make a major mistake on a mission due to bad Intel entire CIA including his best friend is determined to see that he doesn’t survive even one more day. Gray Man 8 books.

Quotes from Back Blast. My thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for an advanced copy of this book for review. Now, here there be spoilers!! Feb 23, Tom Tischler rated it it was amazing. Subscribe to the daily email mailing list: How are you supposed to discern him among at least a few dozen of other people that are – hello!

I saw this posted quite a while ago, in a couple of different places, as I recall, and they were identified as Libyan rebels. Will he find out why he is on the death list or do they catch him? I liked Court’s vulnerability yuo emotional struggles; he wasn’t just a robot as some of these spies can feel like. The picture is of blog reader and recent 5. Needs a bit of editing to clean up a few issues mostly trivial, but annoying, such as Court forces two guys, at gun point, to sit in chairs, then flips them onto their stomachs–pretty f 3.

After two books in a row, lack of sleep, I feel exhausted myself. He wanted answers and the one person who could give him that was Denny Carmichael. An open platform for all web games! Gray Man 8 books.

Because — watch the backblast you idiot

What should I do? Oct 25, Denise rated it it was amazing Shelves: The energy forced out the rear of the tube is the equivalant to a short burst from a jet engine, creating the thrust you see twisting the man around, and creating enough noise to deafen all of them, for some time, with those closest to the blast suffering some permanent loss. Best case scenario, he survives with a massive skull fracture.


He is fearless and supposedly never makes mistakes. Thank the Lord that we finally know what the hell is going on for poor old Court Gentry! It’s because your computer doesn’t have enough data to know how to render that mishmash of obscure Russian orthography correctly.

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No, not really, but they are cool, and they keep the reader engaged throughout. This ties the first book in the series for being my favorite.

ifiot I have no idea how I did it, honestly. Idioh Greaney This answer contains spoilers… view spoiler [ I really have no idea what you are talking about. Spend your hard earned kreds on some of these games! More From Forgotten Weapons.

Eventually he does make a major mistake on a mission due to bad Intel entire CIA including his best friend is determined to see that he doesn’t survive even one more day.

This was very good read and kept me wanting more of the story. Court is used to having people on his trail, but this time, it’s on US soil – the last place he wants to be. Court was excellent at his job until he now had the entire world trying to take him out from corrupt governments, to drug cartels and of course the CIA BACK BLAST is the culmination of Court finally making his way back to the US and Washington to try to get the answers as to who, and why the termination order for him had been issued.

Oct 20, Eyehavenofilter rated it really liked it Shelves: I really enjoyed the increased focus on supporting characters in this book. Thanks for such a great character, and powerful action books. Jan 09, Vicki rated it really liked it.


The answer to Gentry’s sanction order is revealed, finally. Is it worth a read?

If the story had been pages shorter then the writing would have been much stronger and enjoyable. Sep 02, David Putnam rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? As Back Blast begins, he has decided to return to the US in an attempt to find out what he is presumed to have done and to straighten out the confusion. I will add further notes when time allows.

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Liked this book well enough. Not in his prime but ready to finally get the answers to why he had been marked as a traitor. Aug 1st at backlbast The whole Gentry thing is so wonderfully idiotic, likely, as Otto von Bismarck said ” God takes care of children, drunken men and the USA. Jan 03, Kristie rated yoy liked it Shelves: The characters are interesting and the plot twists and turns with lots of action and suspense. And now they have him in their crosshairs. Overall, this is my favorite in the series so far!

Now, Court is back in Washington looking for answers. Except of course that backblaast far as Court knew – he had no friends nor allies. Jul 05, Sean Peters rated it it was amazing. I was also stopped from being fully immersed in the story by the abundance of what I came to think of as product placements.

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