Witness Insecurity – Episode 1. Digital Monsters Episode Linda used to look this way before she enters the TV Biz.. Kenneth has never been a draw for me, neither is Tavia. Login or Register before you can reply to taiko. Glad for 3 Kingdom! Since its premiere episode on July 2nd, Witness Insecurity has achieved a high average rating of 31 points, averaging 1.

If her nose make people feel annoyed I understand but her long face i dun get it. Subscribe Subscribe to DramaCool mailing list to receive updates on anime and news. I skip the theme song every time. Yes, I agree too! I am sorry to say but I find it frustrating she should destroy her natural beauty. I know this series is criticized by many for slow, draggy etc. Tavia start to tone down her make up in Justice Attack.

Do you know that Linda posted a picture of them in her weibo and it got forwarded more than 40, times overnight? I like the instrument version cello of the song.


Ariel will be 30 this year. I skip the theme song every time. Supposely to be Tavia turn this year. Qiao En is same age as TY, but she looks 25? Witness Insecurity – Episode 9. Please dun forget to have ur nose job done in Korea.


I had no reason to continue it anymore, lol! I feel bad for her. If not, the parents can help them to orient. Back to topic of age, again, I have to repeat that the date is their awtch. The series was fast paced and actually kept me watching.

Tiger Cub is also getting good ratings. Insecurtiy too plain looking and I cant bring myself watching. Hippocratic Crush is more fast paced. I am too, just pointing that out. Login or Register before you can reply to Momo. Login or Register before you can reply to crazyfrog.

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I really enjoyed that drama and Bosco was also really good in it. In the Txb sitcom, maybe her time on stage made her acting a bit dramatic and stage like. Very rare that this magazine can get exclusive pics. Login or Register before you can reply to Addy. Considering that most wahch women look much younger than their original age.

Who are you to tell me what to do.

This one will be more episdoe because its Tavia and Myolie competition. Since both series produce by same producer and both of series same genre. I wonder what would happen if she stops taking those hyraulic jab?


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Login or Tvbb before you can reply to Mel. Ariel is the Yoyo Chen type. Advo, if you still see Kaki as the girl from E. Love between Bosco and Linda seems to be non existing although Linda keeps on dreaming of him, till when? Empress Ki Episode So let me explain why I think tavia looks much older.

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I love it, being in my late 20s. A series with a great story, characters and morals is incomparable to WI.

There are a few touching parts in THC which left deep impression in me. THC is only nearly 31, rounded from episide I think Bosco did a great job, he was natural and I love how awkward Linda acted around him. She always have long face since she debut. Login or Register before you can reply to anoninhk.