The number of American military personnel in Vietnam increased dramatically, from 16, advisors in non-combat roles in to , in early , American casualties soared and the peace process bogged down. If You Think – Explosions will happen if you obey the on-screen text. ButterBar – A fast food chain is selling a new product called “ButterBar”, which is essentially a stick of butter. Movie Pitching Guy – Enthusiastic mail worker Scott Trevor tries to quickly pitch movie ideas to the studio heads Zach, Sam, Darren , and soon gets them all psyched. Maroon President – The president Sam has discovered a new color … or has he? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. He was replaced by Jean Doumanian, who was replaced by Ebersol after a season of bad reviews, Ebersol ran the show until , when Michaels returned, Michaels has remained since then. Johnson is ranked favorably by some historians because of his policies and the passage of many major laws, affecting civil rights, gun control, wilderness preservation.

In the video games, Sonics original design by Oshima was short and round, with quills, a round body. Page Tools Insert links Insert links to other pages or uploaded files. Elves – Trevor and Sam play with an x-ray machine while waiting for the doctor, and learn about Sam’s digestive system. Also known as The Popcorn Factory Sketch. Kindergarten Cons – Another “fish-out-of-water” movie trailer. Each round has a category and a word puzzle, with each blank representing a letter in the answer.

Manatee Finger Bang – The morose king Zach needs something special to please him. Insert image from URL.

She was raised in a Jewish family, one of her grandmothers was born in Cuba, to a family from Russia and Turkey, and was raised in France. Her first appearance in Parks and Recreation was in the episode Bailout, following her success on the NBC show, Slate released and starred in a 12 episode mini-series on YouTube called Wkkk, celebrating late and early s soap opera aesthetics.


S, Terminator 2 was a critical and commercial success and influenced popular culture, especially wjuk use of visual effects in films.

George Lucas

The history behind the sketch is revealed in a long documentary segment. Business Battle – Jenkins Zach is warned by his war-hungry boss Trevor that there’s a sniper on the roof of the building across the street. Lawyerstein Trevor informs the jury that Opposite Day has just begun, and gets into a battle of wits with the prosecutor Zach. Cumfetti – Timmy is ejaculating confetti.

Bike Up the Ass – A road accident results in road rage, which is taken all the way to the hospital, then to court. Wheel of Money – Copyright issues, decapitations and switching problems plague an obvious ripoff of that game show. Retrieved from ” https: Based on counting the number of skits in this article, the series contained sketches.

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Flower Monster – After picking up a card with a seductive message, Trevor arms himself with a baseball pjtches as he follows a trail of rose petals upstairs, thinking there’s a flower monster in the bedroom. Bible Stories – Luther B. Hippo in the City – Look at that hippo go. Sam’s Muscles – Dario Sam thinks that meeting the parents will go well.

In the sketch, Zach throws and bouncy ball and then takes off his shoe before chucking it as well.


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The Narrator moves into Tylers home, a dilapidated house in an industrial area of their city. Europeans 2 – A re-enactment of the interaction between pilgrims and Africans in makes the Africans look like jerks.

Timmy Dance – Timmy dances in his underwear. Scientist Darren develops a new kind of pig that maximises meat production. Instant Karma Bigot – For every racial slur, Zach gets what’s coming to him.

Rock and Roll Indiana Jones – Blackout: Schwarzenegger reprised his breakthrough role as the Terminator. Timmy walks off the set in anger. End of Space – A space traveler Trevor provides some unnecessary narration. Captain Crunch Darren has the solution: Pop Tart – Trevor thinks a pitchew with testicles but not a dick would be hot, but he has trouble convincing his co-workers.

Greatest Conductor – An armless conductor Zach conducts with his feet.

Dad Fight – Jerry’s Sam opponent Zach goes down with one punch. John Warnock Hinckley Jr.

Movie Pitching Guy

Rock and Roll Indiana Jones – Blackout: Glory Hole – Candace Timmy catches her husband Trevor at the ol’ glory hole.

Whitaker played a serene, pigeon-raising, bushido-following, mob hit man in Ghost Dog, The Way of the Samurai, many consider this to have been a definitive role for Whitaker.

Timmy creeps Darren out. Only Sam and Timmy would eat a certain left over body part to stay alive.