My twitter handle is RainbowAshlyn November 30, at 1: Who is the BEST!!!! This would make a great present to give it to my wife, even though she likes David Tennant better. Doctor Who is my all-time favorite show! I had a dream last night that the Doctor was needling Rory about his Golgafrinchan ancestry. Woot — I totally hope I win. Rose, Rose, where for art thou Rose November 30, at 3:

Dr Who DVD pretty pretty please.. I wear a fez now. I would love to get this! This is a dasterdly way to get the lurkers to comment. The odds are terrible. This would make a nice birthday present. I quite like fish-fingers and custard, actually… November 30, at 2: I eat the celery.

I could totally live with being dropped at a Cyberman facility. Now maybe I will. I was very happy. I mean, yes please! Just got a blu-ray so I could watch avatar. Woot — I totally hope I win November 30, at 1: Wonder who is behind deries this changes. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This is great, Phil!

Allons-y November 30, at Maybe these DVDs will jog my memory November 30, at 1: I grew up on Dr. Have I told you how much I love you?

Might as well throw in an entry. I love Matt Smith as the new Doctor. What better than BluRay quality November 30, at 3: My daughters and I will love these!



I can still remember watching my first doctor who show — genesis of the daleks. Loved the cheesy effects. I await my box set with great anticipation.

I already gazed into the untempered schism, and it drove me mad. You must feed………me if I win.

This would be the perfect birthday present — for myself!! Who until this series, I wish I could get my wife to take interest in it, maybe this would help. Also, in case of error or such, I reserve the right to change the rules slightly as needed. Pertwee and Jo Grant were my first and still rule, but Smith and Gillan are great. This would be awesome.

You can go zlapha and just send them to me now. Not going to win, but for The Doctor I need to try. The Christmas special was just announced, and the U. Who, but my wife would likely take a ride in his Tardis anyday, so this one is for her.

Smith is more of a pure eccentric, with some real nice emotional moments.

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Darn, after reading the first half of point 2 I was totally going to leave more than one comment so that I could get abducted in the TARDIS… then I read the rest of it. This comment was created by pointing a sonic screwdriver at the computer. I read Death From The Skies! Bow ties are, indeed, cool! I miss David Tennant but I seriees that watching the entire season in serries sitting would bring me around to Matt Smith….


And this will make it possible! Missed you at W00tstock Dallas.

This comment is for the express purpose of being an entry for the contest. Who on Blu Ray as a winnable gift? So long ago… November 30, at 1: I used to stay up until 2am in University to watch the original series. Am I wrong for thinking the Adipose was a good idea that just needed better implementation?