What we talk about when we talk about It Follows: Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman gets a teaser trailer and a Fall release: More like Dawn of the Dread. Whether your skin crawled over the sight of gore or your spines tingled at the sound of a werewolf, it was your fear to cultivate, and you wore that fear as a badge of courage. Starring the eminently likeable Jennifer Carpenter in her pre- Dexter days, this docu-horror follows a late-night news crew as they join a fire department on call to a building that isn’t on fire, but is ground zero for a viral outbreak that turns human beings into bloodthirsty maniacs. Hunter spins a wolf-among-sheep story in the form of the firebrand, psychopathic preacher Harry Powell a menacing, feral Robert Mitchum and his ceaseless pursuit of two innocent children who unknowingly carry the stolen money he desires in their doll. While other scares may have been greater, none have been executed as beautifully onscreen. Luckily, a nuanced performance from Dee Wallace prevents heroine Donna Trenton from being unlikable in her misery, and the rabid St.

The Blair Witch is an enigma, never appearing onscreen, perhaps not even real. In it, an academic discovers lost footage that reveals a missing documentary film crew was killed by a cannibal tribe in the Amazon yes, this makes it the first found footage horror movie. Set in one building beset by a revolting virus, this is a film that leaves dread lurking in every margin and darkness flooding so many of its tight, excruciatingly tense shots. Pedophilia, castration, and coprophilia are but a few of the appalling practices of brutal fascist Italian Libertines living out their final days at the end of World War 2, like the world is their own private Dante novel. It reminded us of the Jack Arnold film. Regan, the possessed girl at the center of it all, is an innocent who turns into a murderous, bedridden monster, spewing curses and pea soup, throwing furniture and profane insults at anyone who dares challenge the might of the Devil. In the novels for both Cujo and Jaws , a rogue animal embodies the small-town unhappiness of its characters. It moves as if alive, part preserved fetus, part decomposing sheep head.

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The late Julie Harris won five Tonys, a couple Emmys, and snagged an Oscar nomination in her time, but The Haunting might be her best performance. Or who fucks a prostitute to death with a bladed codpiece? Fear will always find us, no matter what changes, and this list is definitive proof of that notion. But none of these stories would have any weight if the movie at the center of it all wasn’t any good, and it’s not just good—it’s incredible.


Throw in a little Nine Inch Nails, scarkest you have one of the scariest non-horror films ever made. An offshoot of the George Romero Living Dead films, this spiritual cousin is easily one of the most goofily enjoyable zombie movies ever, though it never goes zergnft far into camp territory that you can’t take it seriously.

It’s a movie unlike any other, horror or otherwise—characters seem to do the exact opposite of what you would expect at any turn, and the scenes of body horror act as potent metaphors for miscarriage, or the pain of being cheated on. What made you scared said so much about you as a person. The Babadook not only confronts this taboo; it races toward it head on, sending its exhausted widow, Amelia, down a dark path that sets her loud, awkward son right in her crosshairs.

It’s a top-notch horror experience that gets taken to the next level when the heroes stop spelunking and have to start caving in monsters’ skulls, fighting for survival and sometimes fighting each other while wading through surrealistic lakes of blood.

Leave it to David Lynch to break you.

Ingmar Bergman knew fear digs deep into that hour. It’s a rich premise that combines subtle, character-based interplay with full-blown body horror, like a human head scuttling around with spider legs.

Prosecutors recommend reduced prison sentence for Tekashi 6ix9ine as part of plea deal. His psychological thriller is filthy.

It was banned in several countries for decades. Murder, mystery, animal torture, skin grafts, and the quest for solutions to horrible facial disfigurement, oh dear.

Horror movies you need to see before you die

As cable television was beginning to take over the nation, Cronenberg offered a scarily prescient vision of a world where unseen forces used the growing medium as a method of mind control, seducing and ultimately destroying the audiences most obsessively drawn to lurid sex and brutal violence.

Bernard of the title rivals Bruce the Shark in its natural terror. Nearly 50 years later, it remains a perfect, grotesque tour de force that goes places films today would rarely dare.

The best storytellers understand that twist endings need to be earned. When a celebrated sculptor Vincent Price who was thought burned alive resurfaces a time later to unveil the most lifelike sculptures ever seen, the question arises: Create your account Finish Sign Up. It begins at a slow burn, with only some weird sightings in the sides of the frame—one weirdo here, one out of place look there.


The home invasion thriller is a staple subgenre within the horror-film family, and You’re Next is a perfect specimen of this oft-mishandled storyline. Phantasm also brought to life one of the most memorable onscreen killers: Best-selling author Paul Sheldon James Caan will never make that mistake again after a mountainside car crash commits him to the care of nurse and No. And what is this time but our collective ability to allow worries to run rampant?

What made you scared said so much about you as a person. Released as Pulse outside of Japan, the film follows two separate narratives in a world where ghosts begin invading the world via the internet. Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman gets a teaser trailer and a Fall release: Its characters are largely unlikable, its villains the perfect version of incomprehensible hillbilly cruelty.

It’s one of the most memorable, puzzling, and well-performed horror pieces ever made. Phantasmwith its far-out storytelling and visuals, feels like a dream and, at times, a nightmare.

This Austrian feature from is a master class in making the audience feel very bad. David Lynch set a very clear tone for the terror to come with his debut film, Eraserhead.

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And one might easily argue that these practices create an outlet for their lack of empathy or imagination. The deft balance between the dramatic content and the horror is pretty rare to find in film, and it only speaks to how well Shyamalan does the former if the latter gets overshadowed.

Moviea even in death does their use and abuse end.

On film, only Cujo keeps that central conceit. One of the major gripes in horror is characters behaving in unrealistic ways that take you out of the movie, making bad mistakes that get them killed—and it’s in that regard that this film excels. A great watch for new moms.

Skip the regrettable American remake and go straight for the source on this one: Whether your skin crawled over the sight of gore or your spines tingled at the sound of a werewolf, it was your fear to cultivate, and you wore that fear as a badge of courage.